New Jerusalem Dance Production
The Story of Greatest Love in Scripture, Prophetic Songs and Dance
New Jerusalem Production is God’s given Prophetic Production to reveal deeper revelation of God’s
unconditional Love. Production has a great anointing and has been shown more than 25 times in different
Churches, Cathedrals, City Halls, Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums and TV in South Africa and Europe.
Always had amazing testimonies and even miracles after each show.
This is the Story of restoring broken relationships between God and man, shown from Genesis to Revelation.


This is the Story of unthinkable Love, unconditional Love of the Father, the greatest Love of all.

From the Beginning God had a plan to bring man back to His heart to restore perfect intimate fellowship which they enjoyed in His Garden, and to make even greater. But there is always a Cost. And God was willing to pay everything He had. He gave His all.

Creation: In the Beginning God had a perfect relationship with a man in His Garden. But there was a fall, and relationships were broken.
Song of Moses: God wanted to restore relationships with a man. God revealed His plan to Moses giving him exact pattern of the Tabernacle where He manifested His Glory and met with His people. Everything in the Tabernacle of Moses pointed to Jesus ministry.
Song of David: David wanted to restore the ark of God’s presence. He established joyful Praise and Worship after God’s heart. God promised to restore the Tabernacle of David.
Song of Songs: David’s son, Solomon was a man of peace, wisdom and prosperity. His Song of Songs is an allegory of the love relationship between God and Israel, between Christ and His Church. “Come into my garden”, called the bride. “I will come”, promised the Bridgroom, “but I have to pay for the Bride first.”

The Garden: In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus made the most important decision, which changed the history and opened the new way to the Holy of Holies – to God’s heart.
Via Dolorosa: Jesus’ Love has changed the world. His blood washed the sin. He paid for His Bride in full.
The Bride: And now He is coming to take His Bride, loving and faithful, crowned with the beauty of holiness.
The Battle:
The Last Battle from the book of Revelation. Armageddon. The Battle for Israel, for the Bride, for the Church and Victory through the Blood of the Lamb.
New Jerusalem: The Wedding of the Lamb has come and His Bride has made herself ready. New Jerusalem! God’s Glorious Bride, the Wife of the Lamb! The eternal place of the faithful. The City of Perfect Beauty! New Jerusalem is the place of the Throne of God and His Garden - the place of True Worship and True Love! He who overcomes, will inherit all this. God restored everything! It is finished! Come, I will show you the Bride!

New Jerusalem - is a Miracle Show. It’s a true story, this is why God’s presence is always so real. It took me many years to make the Story short and simple so that everyone could understand. I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over and over again trying to understand God’s heart. Thank you, my dear Heavenly Father for revealing youself in the most beautiful way and helping me put these precious things together.
We showed New Jerusalem more than 25 times. Some people saw it many times and still ask to do it again.
Tears and Roses, open hearts and open Heavens, manifestation of God’s Glory, golden dust, healing, salvation, restoration, reconciliation, and always beautiful testimonies after each production.
For Your Glory, Father! Thank you, JESUS!

New jerusalem