“... And I saw the Holy City,
the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven
from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed
for her husband Rev.21:2

New Jerusalem - the City of perfection. Place of
perfect Love and perfect Worship.
The City of Gold, perfect in Beauty, Wisdom
and Splendour,Fulfilment of the promisses,
eternal dwelling place of the faithful.

...He who overcomes will inherit all this. Rev21:7

Lidia Gaidouk

Lidia Gaidouk
An International Christian Dance Minister from Moscow
Who has ministered for many years by teaching, dancing and
Presenting Dance Conferences and Dance Productions
All over the world
Lidia was a founder of Celebration Dance Ministry in Russia,
Glory Dance school in South Africa, Christian Dance Academy in Italy.
Lidia is a director of New Jerusalem Prophetic Dance Production, which was shown
More than 25 times in different Churches, City Halls, Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums and TV.
Lidia is very anointed and uniquely gifted dance minister.
She is empowered by God to preach the Gospel
Of Jesus Christ through the beautiful and powerful language of Dance.

Lidia Gaidouk
Ministro di Danza Cristiana riconosciuta a livello internazionale che ha ministrato per molti anni insegnando, danzando e presentando conferenze e produzioni di danza in tutto il mondo. E’ la fondatrice della “Celebration Dance Ministry” in Russia, “Glory Dance school” in Sud Africa, “Academia di Danza Cristiana” in Italy

Лидия Гайдук
Международныйt служитель христианского танца (Москва Россия) Основатель Миссии Прославления в России, Школы Танца Славы в Южной Африке, Академии Христианского Танца в Италии. На протяжении многих лет Лидия служила людям проводя творческие евангелизации и организовывая Христианские Конференции и Семинары по Прославлению в Танце во многих странах. Её пророческий танцевальный спектакль Новый Иерусалим был показан более 25 раз в различных церквях, Библейских школах, школах, театрах, залах и на стадионах, аренах и телевидении в Европе и Южной Африке.


Transforming Power and Beauty of Dance in True Worship and Global Evangelism

DANCE with GOD -
Dance that brings Life!
Dance that brings Light and Change!
Dance that reveals the Truth,
reflects the Glory of God and
spreads out the Beauty and
Fragrance of His Kingdom;
Dance that reveals the mystery of
being One with Christ;
Dance that heals hearts,
transforms lives and saves souls;
Dance that brings restoration
and reconcilation;
Dance that is full of His Love,
Power and Glory,
changing Destinies of the Nations,
overturning desolations of Generations;
Bringing forth JESUS!
Preparing the Bride for the King of Kings;
Preparing the Way
for the King of Glory to come in...
He is coming!
He is coming in greatest Power and Glory
this world has ever seen.
He is coming soon!
Are we ready?
Come, Lord Jesus!


Dance Ministers –
are not just dancers, but Dancing Preachers,
Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets, Apostles,
Anointed with the oil from Heaven,
“so that the Body of Christ may be built up
until we all reach UNITY in the faith and in the
knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, Attaining to the whole measure of the
FULNESS of CHRIST”. Eph.4:13 ;
Dancing Kings and Priests, “declare the praises of
the LORD ” 1Pet.2:9

Arise, My Bride…
Arise, My darling, My beautiful one, and come with Me. SoS.2:10.
We are in a season of the Bride and the Bridegroom. God is revealing the mystery,
that God does want to dance with His Bride, so in a True Dance of Romance,
the Bridegroom leads and the Bride devotionally, beautifully, harmoniously follows.
Dance with Me, Oh lover of My soul to the Song of all Songs… (from River 5)
Dance of Love!
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