Marriage of the Lamb
The first messages that Pastor Shelley preached in Jerusalem centered around the theme "...for the Marriage of the Lamb has come, and His Wife hath made herself ready." (Rev. 19:7)  He said that it was time for the Bride to come spiritually under the chupah into the Wedding Chamber with the Bridegroom and consummate the marriage, bringing forth the evidence of the consummation!
In 1995, Pastor Shelley had a trance-like vision in which he saw a blue tent which he knew was what Brother William Branham, a great man of God, referred to in a vision in 1956.  Brother Branham saw people with infirmities going in one door of the tent or little building and coming out of another door, perfectly healed!  The Angel of the Lord told him “I’ll meet you in there!”  Pastor Shelley saw that this was symbolic of the Wedding Chamber where the Bride becomes the Wife!
It is the place of intimacy with the Word who is the Bridegroom.
It is the place of healing and deliverance.
It is the place of change and coming into maturity.
It is the place of the revelation of the Bridegroom.
It is the place of the Bride becoming like Him.
It is the place of Oneness with Him.
The Bride will come forth from the Chamber as the Wife, without spot or wrinkle, manifesting the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.  She will emanate the glory and fragrance of the Bridegroom!
"...for the Marriage of the Lamb has come, and His Wife hath made herself
ready." (Rev. 19:7)

" make ready a people prepared for the Lord." (Luke 1:17)

"...Let us go on unto Perfection..." (Heb. 6:1

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Three Throne Room Trance Visions
Near the beginning of January, 1998, Pastor Shelley was told by the Lord that within two weeks he would have the experience of a trance vision where he would be carried away in the Spirit.   On Sunday, January 18, 1998, he entered into a heavenly realm at the end of the evening service.   He was brought by the Angel of the Lord to the shore of a river called "The Great Divide."
The Angel told him that soon many would walk in this place where only a few have previously stood.   He said that across from this misty, spiritual river was the Throne Room of the Most High God, where is the Throne from whence came the bloody Lamb.   It is the Seat of God, and all who stand before this Throne can say that they have seen the fullness of God.   The Angel said that in the next season, Pastor Shelley would receive a true, clear revelation of His Glory, His Image, His Person and His Throne, and He would anoint him to tell His people.
While he was in the vision, Pastor Shelley was able to describe to those around him what he was seeing, hearing and experiencing.  Here are some excerpts from what he related:
We have been called to His Throne Room.   It is at the top of the mountain, across a wide spiritual river.   I know it seems strange, a river on a mountain, but it's not on the mountain, it's spiritual.   The Throne of God, the Throne Room, His true Presence is on top of Mt. Zion.   He has taken His seat in the hearts of men, but His Throne is a place of true victory.   It is safe ground, and when we stand before His Throne we are safe.   No enemy has any right or authority over us when we stand before His Throne.
It is across the river, beyond the veil.   The sweet and kind Angel is teaching me.  When we have spoken on His Presence, it is understood to mean, He is in our midst.  But He has sent His Presence before Him, and His Angel has taken His Presence to God's people.   When we stand at His Throne, it will not be His Presence, as the Presence that has gone before Him.   It will be the very Person of His Presence.  I understand what He is saying.   In other words, you could be in the midst of His Presence and Him not be standing there, but His Angel has brought His Presence.  He is calling His Bride to stand before His Throne and receive Her promise.
This vision of the Throne Room of God will come in three parts.   It appears that I will not journey all the way this time.   The next time will be soon.   The next time I will cross the misty river, the Great Divide, with the help of this Angel.   With spirit eyes I will behold the Throne of God.
The third vision, He says, I will come back with a word of instruction to bring this endtime fellowship into the Throne Room of God.   He sees that I would rather go tonight, but He says that God reveals His true person in three's.   I told him, maybe you and all the rest of the people will be too disappointed.   He said, "How could they be when they can now anticipate a time when a Word will come from God that will catch this people into the Throne Room of God for a real meeting."   He says, "Some people's eyes will be opened to see the glory of God descending, some will see His Light, others will tell of what God has allowed them to see, and all in the same service."   But first I go to receive a Word next time.   You could never imagine the Power and the Presence of God that will fall when this Word straight from the Throne of God is brought down.
The Angel says, "Tell My people to prepare their hearts to stand in the Throne Room of God."   Such strength.   It is in that hour that we will move past the Power of God, into his Presence, the Person.   We must move beyond the Power of God to His Presence in order to be like God.   Every answer to every question lies just inside the Throne Room.   Somebody has to go to help us.   Then when we have learned the way, the Bride will have access to stand in God's Throne Room.   Whenever She's in need, God's knowledge will be Her knowledge, His wisdom will be her wisdom.
"For as Esther came before the throne in royal robes, and the king extended his scepter of favor to make her queen, My Bride will come into My Throne Room dressed in royal robes of praise and worship," saith God.   "And I will extend to her My scepter of favor, and all that I have will be Hers.   The Kingdom will be at Her command, even as it has been at My command.   She will speak, and the host of heaven will carry out her request.   For it is in My Throne room that My favor will be shown to her."
"She leads when She steps from that place.   She will never again question who She is, nor why She has been sent.   For I will reveal to Her all She has need of.   For the time is near," saith God.   "For such a time as this She is being summoned.  As Esther feared for her life to stand before the king, so will My Wife come before My Throne with fear and trembling and reverence.   But she will see My favor extended," saith the Lord.
Second and third Throne Room Visions
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“Waves of Glory and showers of blessing.”
“My order is being revealed.   Who will hear it?   Who will know it?   Who will obey it? Who will walk in it?”
“I will.   I will.”

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